Degree:  Counseling Psychology
License:  Licensed Professional Counselor
Specialties:  Children, Adolescents, Adults

Michael obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  Upon graduation, he continued his educational pursuits at Oakland University, obtaining his Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology.  He has a passion for helping all people, in order for them to feel like they can be a driving force for their own quality of life.  Throughout his educational endeavors, he maintained employment in settings dedicated to those with developmental disabilities, both in the group home and job training arenas. He enjoys working with children over the age of 5, as well as adults. He has a high interest in working with those of all ages that have struggled with depression, anxiety, or any other mood disorder that has challenged them on a day to day basis. He also has a high interest in working with adolescents that struggle with anger and conduct issues, based on the time that he had spent working in the juvenile justice system.

Michael’s primary treatment modalities are cognitive behavioral and rational emotive behavior therapy. Michael does not only emphasize the importance of listening, processing and reflecting on his client’s concerns, but also actively giving them tools necessary to progress further in treatment.  Michael will provide an energy and enthusiasm that will help his clients be consistent with their treatment.

Michael’s career includes working with a variety of clients in an outpatient and juvenile justice setting.  Michael has worked with many different populations, including abuse victims, adolescents with serious criminal offenses, as well as blended families.  Considering the many walks of life that come through the doors of Perspectives on a regular basis, Michael feels that he is more than capable to be versatile in handling challenges that are being conveyed to him.  Even in light of his strong clinical experience, he strongly feels that the individual is the biggest expert on their reasons for seeking treatment.