Self Harm And Self Injury Counseling

Self Harm

Teen Self-Injury Group – The Cutting E.D.G.E.

A Recovery group for teens who struggle with SELF-INJURY.

This group is for individuals who have self-injured in any way.

The focus is what drives the behavior and how to stop.

Parent education is included in the 8-week program.

  • Exploring the ins and outs of teenage self-injury
  • Discovering why you use self-injury to cope with your feelings
  • Goal-setting with alternative coping skills that won’t leave scars
  • Excelling with increased happiness and control over your life!

Groups for Teens are running Now!  Next Group begins October 15, 2019! 

A parent education workshop is also available!  Click here for the flyer!

Contact Group Leader: John Noteware, LMSW

Call Now to Sign Up!
(248) 244-8644