Social Skills Group Therapy Workshop

Social Skills

Hands on learning for males and females as they practice valuable social skills needed to function in society.  8 week group is a must for those with social deficits.

Social Skills/Kids- Plymouth
Next Group Begins Wednesday,  October 2, 2019

Social Skills/Teens- Troy
Next Group Begins Monday, October 7, 2019! 

Social Skills/Teens- Plymouth
Next Group Begins Wednesday, January 15, 2020! 

Each week, the kids learn a different skill which is broken down into 3 parts to help them learn and remember it.  Different activities and games are used to help practice the skills.  Each subsequent skill builds on the previous skill.

The skills include Conversation Skills, Working with Others, Finding, Making & Keeping Friends, Understanding Social Cues, Frustration, Tolerance, Problem-Solving Skills, and Recognizing & Understanding Consequences.

Diana includes a homework assignment for parents to do with the child to help by practicing the skill and to help the parents learn a little about the skills the child is working on.

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Director of Children’s Services

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