Counselors And Therapists In Macomb County MI

Confidential Therapists and Counselors In Macomb County

We understand that deciding to enlist the help of a clinical counselor can be difficult and sometimes embarrassing. Because of this we ensure that your confidentiality will always be protected when working with any of our over 33 experienced counselors. We provide specialists in every area of counseling including alcohol dependency, bipolar disorder treatment, drug addiction treatment, family counseling, couples counseling, adult counseling, teen counseling, marriage counseling, Autism treatment as well as all types of mental health services.

Success In Macomb County Measured By A Large Number Of Referrals

More than half of our new clientele come to us through referrals. At Perspectives Of Troy in Macomb County, this is one of the metrics that we are most proud of. We appreciate that so many of our current and past clients think highly enough of our counseling services to refer us to their friends and family members. We appreciate these referrals immensely and will continue to work hard in the community to maintain and further build on our strong reputation in the Metro Detroit Area.

Aside from referrals from friends and family in Macomb County, we also regularly receive referrals from well-known organizations in the Detroit Metro area such as Blue Care Network®, Blue Cross®, HAP®, Utica Community Schools, Warren Consolidated Schools, Blue Care Network® as well as Macomb County doctors and mental health professionals. These highly esteemed organizations hold our counseling practice in extremely high regard in Macomb County Michigan.

Highly Regarded Counseling Center Providing Macomb County Counseling Services

Whether you are going through a family crisis, job loss, depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction issues, economic problems, stress, anxiety or other common problems, we offer compassionate and experienced professional counselors to help you: 

  • Feel better about yourself and improve your day to day life
  • Understand your own thoughts and better respond to daily occurrences
  • Finally beat addiction and addictive behaviors that are holding you back from your full potential
  • Reduce your stress levels and live a highly fulfilled life
  • Improve relationships with your friends and family
  • Build a strong marriage that will stand the test of time

Perspectives Of Troy offers experienced counseling services in Macomb County, Wayne County and Oakland County Michigan. As one of the largest counseling centers in Macomb County we are proud to have professionals that specialize in their individual area of addiction counseling, couples counseling, individual counseling, family counseling and mental health therapy. 

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