Degree:  Masters of Social Work
License:  Licensed Masters Social Worker
Specialties:  Autism, single parenting, special needs, health and wellness

Biographical Info:

Stephanie has over 27 years of clinical experience after having graduated from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor with an undergrad degree in Social Psychology and a graduate degree in Social Work. She has an extensive history of working with children and teens in a variety of settings- schools, hospitals, outpatient settings, in-home, day treatment and juvenile detention centers.

In addition, Stephanie has almost 20 years of experience advocating for individuals with autism and is very knowledgeable about treatment options and resources, having a 19 year old son who has recovered from autism and is in college now! ; having started and directed a local nonprofit  autism organization; and having helped with legislative efforts which created autism insurance coverage in Michigan. She has an extensive history in behavioral healthcare and case management and am excellent at finding resources and making connections.

In addition, Stephanie is a certified personal trainer, a life coach and is studying  to become a certified integrative wellness coach. She believes in holistic treatment, and her therapeutic process encompasses the entire person- mind, body, and spirit- as well as the community in which they live. She believes in the concepts of positive psychology and mindfulness; She prescribes walks in the woods, healthy eating and gratitude exercises.