Degree: Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology
License: Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist
Specialties: Adolescents and Adults

Sonja graduated from the University of Parma, Italy and has both US and
international experience in inpatient and outpatient settings,
providing treatment for a wide range of psychological issues. Her
clinical experience has included clients from very diverse backgrounds.
She particularly enjoys helping clients cope with life changing
events, partner/relational issues, difficult family dynamics, women’s
issues and anger issues, as well as helping them recognize their individual
strengths to attain their highest potential.

In addition to using a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to treatment,
Sonja incorporates gestalt treatment strategies as a resource to help
individuals overcome life challenges.

Sonja is a strong advocate for her clients and demonstrates an
exceptional level of conscientiousness, professionalism and empathy
with the clients.  During the sessions, she creates a caring and encouraging