Michigan Depression Therapy: Signs Of Depression In Women – Part 2

depression in women

Continued from Part 1.

Thoughts Of Suicide

As we mentioned in the first part of this discussion, women are three times more likely to attempt suicide than men. Men have a higher suicide death rate than women, but women are much more likely to attempt self-harm, overdosing, or some other form of suicidal behavior. Even mild forms of depression can spark suicidal thoughts, but that does not mean you should act out on them.

The good news is that there is help available for you. The depression therapists here at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Michigan want to help you overcome your depression and enjoy the happy, amazing life you deserve. We care about your well-being, and we have mental health experts who are here to guide you to a better quality of life. Contact us at (248) 244-8644 to schedule an appointment with a counselor near you.

Difficulty Making Decisions

Women make dozens of decisions every day, from what they want to wear in the morning to what to prepare for dinner to how they’re going to handle conflicts at work. These decisions can be overwhelming under normal circumstances, let alone when you’re feeling depressed and anxious. Small decisions like what flavor of coffee you want in the morning may suddenly feel like monumental tasks. By working through your depression though, you will be able to concentrate more on day to day tasks so they don’t seem quite so overwhelming.

Memory Gaps

Have you ever had a conversation about a situation from the past that you blatantly don’t remember? Some memory gaps can last for a matter of minutes, but some can last for days or weeks under severe stress. Your brain is trying so hard to overcome your depression that minor details start to fade away. This is an instinctive method of survival, but it can make for a very frustrating and unproductive day. Once again, depression therapy can help you clear your mind so you can have a clear, concise memory moving forward.

Feeling Hopeless, Worthless, Or Empty

If those words struck you like a sharp needle in the heart, you’re probably dealing with some form of depression. Low self-esteem and low self-worth are common symptoms of depression in women. The key is to remember that you are beautiful, smart, funny, successful, kindhearted, and truly amazing to be around. No matter what life throws your way, you are here because you have a purpose and you’ve done a great job fulfilling it thus far.

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