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What Causes PTSD? PTSD Therapy In Michigan


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be caused by any form of trauma. It is most often associated with combat in the military, but that only represents a small portion of PTSD sufferers in America. According to the National Center for PTSD, 70-80% of Americans will experience PTSD in their lives. Here we will explore what causes PTSD and the treatment options available to address those concerns.

Causes Of PTSD

As the name implies, post traumatic stress disorder is caused by trauma. This may include:

  • A car accident
  • Combat
  • A natural disaster
  • A life-altering experience, such as sudden job loss or a spouse passing away
  • Sexual assault
  • Near death experience
  • Severe injury

This list is only the start. Every person has a unique definition of trauma. If two people are exposed to the same potentially traumatic event, there may only be one who experiences PTSD. They could both have PTSD or neither of them may develop it. That is why many people live with PTSD for years before getting counseling, because they do not realize they have it to begin with.

Signs Of PTSD

PTSD symptoms range from one person to the next. This is largely based on the type of trauma someone experienced. A person who has PTSD from combat may get anxiety or flashbacks when they hear fireworks because they sound like gunfire. A person with PTSD from a car accident may have a panic attack in heavy traffic.

In most cases, PTSD involves a trigger and a reaction. Something sparks a memory or feeling from a traumatic time, and the person involved reacts in some way. The reaction may include:

  • Nightmares
  • Sudden bursts of emotions (crying spells, panic, depression, etc.)
  • A need to get away from the place or event
  • Feeling numb
  • Going into a daydream-like state
  • Momentary loss of memory
  • Feeling like you’re in a different place or time

Getting Help For PTSD

With PTSD therapy, you can identify triggers and control your reactions to those triggers moving forward. Your therapist will help you figure out exactly what’s causing your PTSD symptoms and find effective ways to avoid or confront them as time progresses. Some patients may benefit from taking medication in addition to therapy. Contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Michigan to learn more about PTSD therapy and how it may help you.

Recovering From Sexual Assault: Michigan Therapists

sexual assault counseling

Approximately one in five women will be victims of sexual assault in their lives. 81% of women and 35% of men who experience sexual assault face short-term or long-term side effects from the event, like post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have been a victim of sexual violence, professional counseling can significantly improve your recovery process. Let’s take a closer look at what therapy can do for you.

Speak Out In a Safe, Confidential Environment

Rape is considered the most under-reported crime in America. It’s impossible to know just how often these events go unnoticed, but research estimates that 63% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police. This is largely due to the amount of fear victims feel after the assault. At Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers, you can feel safe knowing that what you say is completely confidential. Our goal is to help you heal, and we will never judge you for past experiences. Our compassionate sexual assault therapists in Michigan will walk you through the healing process, step by step.

Stop Blaming Yourself For The Assault

Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault often blame themselves for the abuse. “I should have been more this” or “I shouldn’t have done that.” You are not to blame for anyone else’s rage. Your counselor will help you turn those negative thoughts around to boost your self-confidence and unleash the strength you have inside. You didn’t deserve what happened to you. We will help you see that for yourself.

Build A Positive Support System You Can Always Count On

With a strong support system, you will automatically feel more confident about your recovery. If you do not have friends or family members you can talk to, you will at least have a counselor by your side. We also offer group counseling programs in Michigan, so you could get in touch with other people who have experienced sexual assault. Learn their stories of recovery and how they improved their lives with sexual assault counseling.

Understand Your Thoughts And Feelings

After a traumatic experience, you may go through a roller coaster of emotions. Anger, sadness, confusions, shame – a sea of emotions that hit you all at once. During your counseling sessions, you can prepare for the emotional triggers to come and understand your feelings along the way. You can also learn how to avoid triggers that you may not want to face just yet. Your therapist will work with you personally to overcome each obstacle and improve your quality of life.

To learn more about sexual assault counseling and recovery, contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Michigan.